Friday, 12 April 2013

the need to read

I like love books. 

I often had books confiscated at high school - reading in class, underneath the blankets with a torch or in the toilets at boarding school (light purposes). I will even put my hand up for taking a whole day off once, when working a particularly tedious job, just to stay in bed and read. Obviously that was pre children.

What are you reading?

I am nearly finished the Book Thief - thank you for your patience Stu. It took me awhile but I am really enjoying it. Marcus Zusak's style of writing leaves me a little dizzy though - he jumps back and forward and I would prefer things just to happen, not be forewarned.

Now, I need some help.

I have a birthday coming up and I am toying with the idea of a mini iPad or a kindle for my wish list. To be honest we have enough pods, pads and phones but I thought a mini iPad might be a more multifunctional device than the kindle if need be? The main idea though, is they come with their own lights and books do not. My long suffering husband is very patient with the light trying to sleep. Also there are places where there is no adequate reading light i.e. camping trips etc.

Having said all this I do love an actual book and I don't want to contribute to their demise - I can't imagine a world without real books in it.

It is a first world problem to be sure but I would love to know your thoughts or experiences?


  1. Like you - I love a book - and I thought I would never go digital. But I am a total convert. I read everything on my ipad now. The reasons why? You read a book review, or hear about a new book - 2 minutes later it can be yours; you can download the first chapter for free - try before you buy - I use this a lot; its a lot cheaper; you can read in the dark whilst your kid sleeps beside you. Reasons why not? You read a damn good book and you cant lend it to a friend, bugger; you miss the look and feel of an actual book. I notice we have some snaps on our beside tables (even if mine is a virtual one) - happy reading whichever way you go.

    1. Oooh download the first chapter for free sounds good to me - I didn't know about that one. Yes to quicker access to books and yes to reading in the dark. I had thought about the passing on of a fav read - that is out as you say. It is easier to tote almost a library too if you travel rather than being weighed down with big books you may or may not read. I think I am leaning toward the digital option so far.


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