Monday, 18 March 2013


"It's a big O birthday Mum" she said.

The mare arrived under the cover of darkness carefully chosen and delivered by a very generous Uncle. I woke her up early to meet her because she had a full day to navigate at school. She was speechless which is saying something for her, and had to be reminded to breathe! It is all still sinking in, even tonight.

There was a small gathering after school with cake and obligatory junk food all vetted by herself. The afternoon was spent swimming in and traversing creeks. There were shrieks of horror and delight regarding mud in heads of hair, which apparently will take many washes to make right.

There were spontaneous hugs of gratitude and declarations of it being the "best birthday ever"!

That was good enough for me.


  1. Oh wow thats a bday she will be sure to remember for a long time. I can not show it to my (horse mad) daughter. That mare looks lovely and one v happy little (big) girl.

    1. She is indeed a lucky and very happy girl. She is fortunate to have such a kind uncle who delivered it specially from afar. I hope your daughter can beg, borrow or steal a horse from somewhere.

  2. I have only been on a horse once in my life...over 30 years ago... and it was terrifying. The horse rolled in water with me still on it, massive bruising and a dislocated hip later, I still think they are beautiful animals, but am too scared to ever ride one again. Yet your daughter is sitting there so proud and confidant, so grown up.


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